Make your own luck

People are afraid to face how great a part of life is dependent on
luck. It's scary to think so much is out of one's control. There are moments in a match when the ball hits the top of the net and for a split second it can either go forward or fall back. With a little luck it goes forward and you win. Or maybe it doesn't and you lose

23 ene. 2012

What if I say I'm not like the others? What if I say I'm not just another one of your plays? You're the pretender, what if I say I will never surrender?
I wish you only knew how good it is to see you

13 ene. 2012

You say you want a revolution, well, you know we all want to change the world

8 ene. 2012

Every whisper of every waking hour
 I'm choosing my confessions
 trying to keep an eye on you 
like a hurt, lost and blinded fool
If you live each day as if it was your last someday you'll most certainly be right
The lengths that I will go to the distance in your eyes, oh no I've said too much, I set it up. That's me in the corner, that's me in the spotlight, losing my religion trying to keep up with you and I don't know if I can do it

6 ene. 2012

Maybe the songs that we sing are wrong, maybe the dreams that we dream are gone
Cause I need more time, yes I need more time just to make things right
If I may be so bold could I just say something, come and make me my day
This is the problem with getting attached to someone, when they leave, you just feel lost

5 ene. 2012

Ella dijo que tuvo problemas y le dije que este preparada para mucho menos
A mí me parece claro como el agua estancada, no pasa nada

4 ene. 2012

Poder decir adiós es crecer
I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now
Hold me down, all the world's asleep, I need you now
La tinta no seco y en palabras dije muchas cosas pero en mi corazón todavía queda tanto por decir
True perfection has to be imperfect
Cause all of the stars are fading away, just try not to worry, you'll see them some day. Take what you need and be on your way and stop crying your heart out
I am like a child with nothing to lose but my mind
It's funny how your dreams change as you're growing old

3 ene. 2012

I never did find my way back
I heard you feel down, well that's too bad, welcome to my world
The day's moving just too fast for me, I need some time in the sunshine, I gotta slow it right down, the day's moving just too fast for me
Tarde gris siempre a la espera, todo cambia, todo rueda

2 ene. 2012

He llegado hasta el fin con los brazos cansados, tantas veces te vi simulando un olvido y eso paso