Make your own luck

People are afraid to face how great a part of life is dependent on
luck. It's scary to think so much is out of one's control. There are moments in a match when the ball hits the top of the net and for a split second it can either go forward or fall back. With a little luck it goes forward and you win. Or maybe it doesn't and you lose

19 abr. 2011

Just for you, just fo you
girl there’s nearly nothing that a man wouldn’t do
just for you, just for you
baby just make a wish i´ ll make your dream come true
climb any mountain swim any sea
just to show you how much you mean to me
come home early every night just to hug, squeeze and treat you right
girl I ´ve got you on my mind every minute of the day
i´ m restless at night every time you go away
for me you are my sun the moon and the stars
baby I wanna be your earth, your Jupiter, your mars

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